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This Brugse Zot is a high-fermentation artisanal blond beer and the last beer brewed in the historic center of Bruges, hence the name. The inhabitants of Bruges are indeed locally called “Brugse Zotten” … With 6% alcohol and a fine foam layer, this blonde beer hints malted and some spicy accents, typical of Belgian yeasts. The taste is also slightly malted in the beginning and then makes way for a light and surprising bitterness in the aftertaste. A very pleasant beer that is delicious in a Brugse Zot glass, especially in the summer.



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The beer of the year!

Kasteel Blonde is also called Blond Kasteelbier.
Castle beer matures for twelve weeks. That gives the beer a powerful taste of malt, wine, spices and dried fruits.
Golden beer with a large head, a feast for the eyes. In the nose, spicy aromas and aromas of fresh hops, which makes the beer somewhat reminiscent of vanilla. Stinging and bitter, but also soft and round in the mouth.
Rediscover the reputation of Castle thanks to this creamy and delicate blonde beer!



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