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A new player in a famous market! Originating from a passion for beer, BeerstoreXL is the shop where you can go for special beer. With many famous names such as Carmeliet, Leffe, La Trappe and Westmalle, we want to serve your beer moment optimally. But we also want to broaden your world knowledge about beer with the more unknown local breweries. In addition to the well-known brands, we also offer room for brands such as Us Heit, Bonifatius, it Lulke Wiif and many others.


We believe that beer is an experience. We would like to experience that experience with you. We tested every beer on our site ourselves and found it good enough to earn a place in our shop.


Oeds Hiemstra

Oprichter BeerstoreXL

We select based on your wishes. If you miss a beer in our shop, then there is no need for further explanation than that we gladly take this to us. In other words; We are happy to test it! And when we think it belongs to us, you can certainly expect it on our site.

Unlike other providers, we are really here for you.

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